Information 10 EUB Reischlbergbahn

10 EUB Reischlbergbahn 1st - 2nd section


The modern 10-seater cabins bring a significant quality improvement in the Hochficht ski area. Not only the completely outdated and poorly placed Reischlberglift, but also the two Holzschlaglifte are integrated into the overall solution and replaced by new cabins.


This results in many advantages for the future:

• Placement of the cabins in such a way that both the function of the wooden slabs and the relicing glide remain fully fulfilled.

• Maximum comfort through the 10 cabins

• Weatherproof system that provides protection against bad weather

• Safe transport in a closed cabin, especially for children and groups

• Problem-free supply and return of children and beginners to the Kinderland in the immediate vicinity of the middle station; The previous transport with shuttle buses is no longer necessary

• The slope area on the Wenzelwiese becomes larger

• Hardly any forestry, as the railway axes are largely in the existing run area


The construction of the new cable car will commence immediately after the end of the season, so that the completion for the season 2017/18 can be completed on a timely basis.

We would be delighted to welcome you in the next season with the new Reischlbergbahn at the Hochficht!