Information 10 EUB Reischlbergbahn

Construction work started...

24.11.2017: The construction of the Reischlbergbahn was completed on Nocember 22, 2017 with a positive approval notice.
10.11.2017: The last project phase is in full swing. The mechanical and electrical adjustments are carried out by specialists from Leitner repoway. During trial operation every detail of the system is checked and our employees are enrolled. Since this week, the authority has made the first checks. All work is going according to plan.
24.10.2017: The construction work on the three stations, the track and the station in the intermediate station, where the gondolas are garaged after the end of the day, have been completed. The terrain modeling around the stations is completed, as well as the widening of the standard downhill section in the lower section after the steep slope.
29.09.2017: Since this week, the cable and splice is carried out, the 2nd leg is already completed. In the first section of the cable was carried out, the splice takes place next week. During splicing, the two ends of the rope are connected with each other and do not reveal a connection point. The splice is 62 m long in both sections.
11.09.2017: The new gondolas are here .... The concrete works in all three stations and the assembly work for the shoring are completed. The further expansion works are under way.
25.08.2017: The construction work of the stations are largely completed and the interior work has begun. The installation work of the cable car company is running according to schedule both in the stations and on the track and are already well advanced.
25.07.2017:After the station work, the route was started. Five helices were mounted by helicopter. The cooperation between the pilot and the 2 assembly teams of the cableway company worked excellently. The assembly flights were completed after 2 hours. Videos here
12.07.2017: In addition to the construction work at the stations, the foundation work of the columns is now carried out. The next step is the mounting of the column by helicopter.
28.06.2017: Construction work at the mountain station has begun.
20.06.2017: The construction measures in the valley and middle station are in full swing and on schedule.
19.05.2017: In addition to further excavation work, the foundations in the valley and middle station are concreted. The excavation material of the valley station is re-installed during the extension of the Standardabfahrt.
10.05.2017: Already immediately after the end of the season, construction work on the 10 EUB Reischlbergbahn started. The Holzschlaglifte I + II have already been completely dismantled. At present, earthworks are being carried out in the valley and middle stations.


We will keep you informed about the progress of the construction.

We are looking forward to welcome you in the next season with the new Reischlbergbahn at the Hochficht!