Contractual terms

Guidelines for season ticket holders:

Remuneration only in case of injuries related to skiing accidents and on presentation of a medical certificate.

For reimbursement of season tickets, the amount is staggered depending on the date of return. After 2/28/2017, without exception no further reimbursements.

For reimbursement of parents card children free season tickets are also to return! For children paid cards the return is free. Reimbursement of paid child season pass is subject to the same guidelines as in the parent map. Spouse are excluded.

Abuse: Misuse (eg. disclosure to other people) has the withdrawal of the card and an administrative penality as result. Remain civil and criminal measures reserved. Tickets are checked regularly at the turnstile and on the lift stations.

Lost season tickets: For a forgotten season card a replacement card (€ 10,-) is issued and allocated.

Loss: For an administration fee of € 25,- the customers new season pass is issued. The old season card will be blocked!

Reimbursement of unused season tickets: If the season ticket was not used due to an injury in the season it will be refunded (selling price). However, an administration fee of   € 25,- will be charged.

Camera surveillance - Photo compared with any type of ski passes


Guidelines for hours - and day tickets:

Lost ski passes can not be replaced. Replacement of a card at group rates possible. 

Refunds: No refund in case of bad weather, loss, early departure, failure of systems and force majeure events. In case of illness and injury reimbursement only for that person with a medical certificate is carried out - to be deposited until 10:00 clock the following day.

Conditions of Carriage / Abuse: With the purchase of a lift ticket the guest acknowledges the general conditions of carriage, which are published in the respective stations. When purchasing a card for minors, the receiver accepts the responsibility and supervision of the use of the skiing facilities. The ski pass is related to persons and, therfore not transferable and must be presented on demand of the lift personnel. In case of misuse the withdrawal of the card, the purchase fo a replacement card and an administrative penalty due. Remain civil and criminal measures reserved.

Camera surveillance: It should be noted that for the purpose of access control , a reference photo of the lift card owner is made upon initial passage through a turnstile equipped with a camera. This reference photo is compared by the lift personnel with those photos, which will be taken while every other passing through a turnstile equipped with a camera. (Information according to § 24 DSG 2000 to "Photocompare")

Camera surveillance - Photo compared with any type of ski passes

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