Facebook - contest finished!

Liken, comment and win one of three day-tickets!

Win one of three day-tickets, all you need is just a little bit of luck!

Just do with our Facebook page !!!!

That's how it works:

1.) Like our page and post
2.) Please tell us in a comment, why do you like to visit the Hochficht ski resort!
Start is the 12.16.2015 at 10:00 clock
End is the 12.24.2015 at 09:00 clock.
The three winners will be selected from all comments randomly! Several comments of a user are counted as a vote!
The winners can look forward to ski passes for a free day of skiing on Hochficht.

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§ 1. General

(1) The organizer of this competition is the Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH. The organization of the competition is based on the following terms and conditions. For the organization, execution and price delivery or distribution of profits Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH is responsible and accountable.
(2) This Contest is in no way connected to Facebook and will in no way sponsored, endorsed or organized by Facebook. All questions, comments or complaints regarding the Contest are to be directed exclusively to Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH and not to Facebook. Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH presents Facebook from any liability relating to the Sweepstakes free. The recipients of the information provided by the subscriber is not Facebook, but Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH. The information provided will only be used for the operation of the Contest.

§ 2 Eligility
(1) The participant declares that he has attained the age of 14 years.
(2) Employees from Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH including their relatives are excluded from participating.
(3) Participation in the Contest is not dependent on the purchase of goods or use of services and the odds of winning are therefore also not increased.

§ 3 Operation of the Contest
(1) Participation in the competition is possible only in the period from 12/16/2015 09:00 o'clock up to 12/24/015 10:00 o'clock.
(2) To participate in the lottery, you have to write a comment under the "like&win" post of Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH.
(3) If it is suspected that there is spam in the comments and in the event that a comment against our code of conduct is contrary to Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH reserves the right to remove the corresponding comment.
(4) Among all comments 3 winners are selected randomly. The winners will be notified after the end of the competition.
(5) The determination of the winners will take place behind closed doors.
(6) The prizes must be collected at Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH at the box office in person.

§ 4 Acceptance of the prize
(1) The winner will be notified about winning from Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH by reply on Facebook. The winner must contact Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH per email (info@hochficht.at) or private message on Facebook or email. The claim to the prize created exclusively with the receipt of the written earnings release.
(2) The winner must profit within 10 business days to accept, by returned Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH a private message or email with his address, telephone number, date of birth and the full name.

§ 5 Win
(1) 3 one-day-tickets for adults
(2) The price is provided without charge from Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH and may not be redeemed for cash or exchanged for another prize.
(3) The claim to the prize can not be assigned.

§ 6 Publication
(1) The winner gives his explicit permission that Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH released him, stating the full name.
(2) The winners will be published on our website and Facebook page and participants agree that their submitted photos, text or images on Facebook and outside (home page, print, advertising materials, etc.) may be published, also without specifying the source.

§ 7 Faults in the end; liability
(1) Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH reserves the right to interrupt the game at any time taking into account the interests of the participants or terminate if technical reasons make its proper continuation impossible, the suspicion of misuse of the Game or the Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH Facebook fan page is down or game for legal reasons is inadmissible.
(2) Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH has the right to exclude participants from the contest, which manipulate the participation process or the Contest; otherwise violate the rules of the game. This also applies in respect of subscribers who make false statements about themselves. Also Hochficht Bergbahnen GmbH entitled abusive or threatening to delete comments and to exclude the sender of these comments from the raffle.

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