Current information about COVID-19 Current information about COVID-19
Current information about Covid-19
for a safe summer seaso 2021

Our covid-19 safety measures

Your safety and health are always imortant to us!

We are opening for the new season on 14 June, which will no doubt be different – but safe, enjoyable and relaxing, because we have worked out a comprehensive measures concept and our resort offers plenty of space in any case.

Your health is the priority

Here are our COVID-19 safety measures for the ski resort

As of June 10, the following applies:

An FFP2 mask must now only be worn in enclosed rolling stock and rooms.
Masks are no longer required to be worn in outdoor areas.

  • Children up to the age of 6 do not need to wear mouth/nose protection, not even in enclosed rooms or mobile equipment.
  • Children and adolescents between the age of 6 and 14 may wear a mechanical protective device that covers the mouth and nose and fits snugly instead of the FFP-2 mask.

Please keep enough distance to other people!

It is obligatory to wear a FFP-2 protective mask in enclosed spaces and cable cars.

A 3-G proof is not required for the ride with a gondola.



A distance of 1 meter from persons not living in the same household must be maintained.

They are ventilated as far as possible, e.g. through open windows.

There are disinfectant dispensers in all toilet facilities, in the till area, in all closed rooms as well as at the entrance and exit of all restaurants.

All staff are provided with multifunctional cloths and face masks, which they must of course wear all the time for customer contact. In closed rooms plexiglass screens are set up.

In cable cars and chairlifts, the same regulations apply as to all public transport: a FFP-2 mask is mandatory a filling level of 75% applies 

Guests are informed with the help of signs in the resort and updated information is always available on our homepage.

All ski lifts are regularly disinfected.

Employees at the cable cars, ski school and restaurants are regularly instructed about Covid-19 safety measures in accordance with uniform guidelines and regulations.

All restaurant and ski school employees are tested weekly. For other members of staff, there will be ongoing testing possibilities.

There is an employee responsible for Covid-19 who takes care of the planning and implementation of measures.

With the contact tracing app “STOP CORONA” by the Austrian Red Cross, you will help to combat the spread of Covid-19 – we recommend using this app.

Covid-19 safety measures for the hotels & accommodation

Covid-19 safety measures for gastronomy 


Important: This content was prepared according to the current state of knowledge and to the best of our knowledge and belief. Subject to changes. The federal ordinances are the legal basis. Information and documents regarding the measures were obtained from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce - professional association of cable cars.