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Up the mountain on skis
Down the mountain through snowy landscape

Slope touring at Wurzeralm

Step by step to the top

Snowy trees, bright sun and fresh air – that’s joie de vivre! And that’s also slope touring Wurzeralm! Tourers have a separately marked and secured ascent trail for a comfortable way up the mountain!
Slope tourers start at the parking lot and ski up the mountain through unique alpine scenery! The ascent trail is groomed daily!

By the way: Wurzeralm offers special rates for slope tourers!

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touring on top with ski in area Wurzeralm | © TVB Pyhrn-Priel_Lierzer
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Ascent Trail:

Vertical drop: 600 m
Length: 3 km

The ascent trail leads from the parking lot to Wurzeralm valley station. A separate passage only for slope tourers runs to a small bridge, then always on the left side to the summer trail. After about 300m you cross Wurzerabfahrt Trail no.1.

You then continue on the right-hand side to Schwarzeck valley station; from here you either ascend to Schwarzeck mountain station or ski to one of the mountain huts.

Ascent trail is waymarked.

Slope Touring Evening

Special moments at Wurzeralm

Ski in the moonlight? With friends? Every Wednesday* and on full moon until 22:00.

"Full moon-dates" for the winter season 2022/2023:

Saturday, 07. January 2023*

Sunday, 05. February2023*

Tuesday, 07. March 2023*


*(with appropriate snow conditions)

Please make your way to the valley in good time!

Please note: 
the ascent trail as well as the "Wurzerabfahrt" (Piste no. 1) will be rededicated as a ski route from 17:00.

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ski touring Wurzeralm | © LM. Medien GmbH
ski touring while full moon Wurzeralm | © LM. Medien GmbH

For a safe ascent

Safety first!

Rules are for your and your friends’ safety:

  • Observe warnings and closed ski runs (avalanche danger, avalanche blasting, ski race, etc.)!
  • Do not enter closed ski runs or closed parts of ski runs! Slope grooming with wire ropes poses life-threatening situations.
  • Only use marked ascent trail!
  • Cross the slope only in clear view and keep distance to fellow slope tourers! Observe the signage system!
  • Make yourself visible! – use lights for the ascent!
  • Do not slope tour ON the slopes!
  • Ascent to Wurzeralm is only allowed on the ascent trail next to the cable car.
  • Parking for slope touring on designated area.
  • Entrance to ski resort/ascent trail and the ticket window is at the valley station/Arena.
  • Tickets for the ascent trail (Snowsportcard day, Snowsportcard evening, Snowsportcard season) can be purchased at the ticket windows during the hours of operation or at the ticket machine at the valley station/Arena.
  • Tickets must be carried at all times and produced when requested for inspection. Using the ascent trail without valid ticket will be fined with € 28.00.
  • The ascent trail may be closed by order of the avalanche commission. Please wait for the avalanche blast until the ascent trail is opened again!